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  •                        International Cooperation


    ● Covance

    ● RaQualia Pharma Inc.



                               XuanZhu Pharma has established a long-term cooperative relationship with a number of well-known CRO companies in 
                               various research fields,including compound synthesis, selection and assessment, preclinical toxicology studies and clinical research:

    ● WuXi AppTec Co., Ltd.

    ● Shanghai Chempartner Co., Ltd.

    ● Medicilon/MPI Preclinical Research Shanghai

    ● Pharmaron (Beijing) Limited Co., Ltd.

    ● BioDuro (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

    ● XBL-China

    ● Zhonglian (Beijing) Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

    ● Research Institute for Liver diseases (shanghai)

    ● JOINN Laboratories , Inc.

    ● HD Biosciences (shanghai) Co., Ltd.


    Domestic universities and research institutes

                             Tsinghua University,Peking University,Shandong University, China Pharmaceutical University, Academy of Military Sciences, Institute of Materia Medica of
                              Chinese Academy of Sciences,Peking Union Medical College Hospital,Tianjin Institute of Pharmaceutical Research, National Shanghai Center for New
    Safety Evaluation & Research and Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, etc. 

    ShanDong XuanZhu welcomes variety of business opportunities: partnership, in-license, out-license, and research collaboration. Should you have any requests, please contact business development division via bd@xuanzhupharm.com

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